Fengze Custom Accessible Door - Simple and Effective!

Update:Oct 23,2021
Summary: Fengze Machinery Access Door are a leading Access Door Manufacturer in the China and their products can be found in leading home improvement centers ......

Fengze Machinery Access Door are a leading Access Door Manufacturer in the China and their products can be found in leading home improvement centers nationwide. Their high quality Access Doors meet or surpass all competition on price, appearance and security. Their company is one of the oldest Access Door manufacturers in the nation and their popularity never seems to wane. Access Door are made from many different materials including steel and fiberglass. These materials offer great strength and durability but also require little care and maintenance.
Many homeowners like to have a custom sized access door. Custom size access doors are designed to fit the area where it is needed. This means that a drywall recessed panel is cut to the exact size of the opening. Then drywall is carefully installed so it matches the color and texture of the surrounding walls. Most Access doors use standard hardware and mounting systems so they can easily be used by the average do-it-yourselfer.
Standard hardware and mounting systems are typically found on a typical recessed drywall panel access door. Standard panel doors are designed so the drywall panel frames are installed parallel to the wall. The front edge of the frame is cut slightly above the drywall panel frame and the edges are stapled or glued to the drywall panel.
A hidden frame is an Access Door feature that allows the panel to be installed at an angle. To install the hidden frame, two holes are drilled in the panel so the drywall can be pulled through. The panel is then trimmed so the drywall is flush with the front edge of the frame. A locking plug is then added to the end of the frame so it cannot be moved without tightening or disassembling the lock mechanism. The lock may also need to be adjusted, depending on the style of the door.
Perimeter gasketing is another common accessory for an Access Door. This gasket is located between the door and the frame and is made of rubber. It is placed between the exterior and interior frames to protect the framing from moisture and also to seal the door. Typically the perimeter gasketing will cover the entire door opening.
Locking flanges are often seen on a fire rated door. When a door is opened, the door flange will automatically lock and close upon contact with a suitable exterior surface. The locking flange is typically located inside the door, along the outside edge of the flange and inside the frame.
An alternative to the drywall door frame is a wood composite door. These doors are available in many different styles and are constructed from a variety of materials including fiberboard, hardwood, laminate, plywood, particle board and veneer. Generally these types of doors will have a rubberized coating on the exterior of the panel and on the inside of the panel.
Access doors that do not have a frame will require different installation techniques. One method of installation is to install the frame and the Access Door hinge and then install the screen material above the frame. Concealed touch latches are an option for those doors that will not have stationary hinges. A concealed touch latch can be installed by drilling into the drywall behind the frame and installing the latch.
For those homeowners who wish to install a concealed access door into an existing drywall panel, they should first measure the existing location of the drywall panel in order to determine how much space is available. Once the required space is obtained, a drywall knife should be cut along the drywall border. The knife should be placed over the drywall edge where the new hole will be located. After the knife is inserted, it should be brought back out to meet with the drywall edge. This process should be performed until the desired distance between holes has been achieved.
Many homeowners choose to install custom access doors. Custom doors can be created in a variety of styles, sizes, widths and materials. For example, Access Doors that are manufactured in stainless steel have a standard size which is one inch by one inch. Standard width Access Doors can be one sixteenth of an inch wide, and one half inch wide. A variety of wood and composite panels can be used to create these custom doors. Some panels feature a hand-rubbed chrome finish while others are offered with a melamine laminate finish.
Access doors can be constructed from a variety of materials. For example, an Access Door can be made from aluminum, metal, fiberglass, or a variety of other materials. These various materials provide homeowners with the ability to design their own custom-built doors. In addition, installing Access Doors can be accomplished from a variety of professional installers who specialize in installing custom frameless and semi-framed panels. Depending on the homeowner's preferences, the new door can be built with a flush-fitting, four finish, fiberglass reinforced plastic, a melamine laminate finish, or a custom-built, precision-cast metal and powder coated finish.