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Aluminum alloy plasterboard installation steps

Step 1: Transverse reinforcement of the first step on the light steel keel two keel, set aside the size of the access installation.

Step 2: Place the finished access port frame, and fix the four sides directly on the secondary keel with self-tapping.

Step 3: Place the inner cover in the outer frame and finish the installation.

How to set up home air conditioning access?

Interior decoration in the space, take cover board member can use attributes to cover their own activity ACTS as an access port, however, is when our whole day use emulsion paint finishes, the surface is no movable cover plate, therefore, wants to overhaul the inside of the mechanical equipment and pipeline, it must be on the smallpox in addition to open access port to achieve the goal of maintenance.

When arranging comprehensive smallpox diagram, in the light of plasterboard smallpox access, you should follow these three fundamental principles

(1) consider the decorative beauty: that is, the above mentioned comprehensive ceiling layout principle, access should be on the line, as far as possible in the middle, equidistant, regular, and with the surrounding environment can be found.

(2) Hide as much as possible: the access port should be adjusted to a hidden position as much as possible, such as the corner of the ceiling.

(3) Control the number of access ports: can be through such as: two adjacent access ports, should try to combine into one access port;In the suspended ceiling, manholes can be arranged in other Spaces to reduce the number of manholes.

Installation location of central air conditioning access

Generally, the central air conditioning will take the manhole as the return air port and make the return air wide and long, which is equal to connecting the manhole and the return air port together to form a whole return air port.This does not affect the appearance, will not affect the air-conditioning operation and maintenance.Some will also open access in the air conditioning return air mouth edge, specific to see the actual situation.

The function of fire-rated access door

1, Fire door refers to a certain time can meet the fire stability, integrity and insulation requirements of the door.It is located in the fire partition, evacuation stairwell, vertical shaft and other fire-resistant fire compartments.

2, Fire door in addition to the role of ordinary doors, but also to prevent the spread of fire and smoke diffusion, can prevent the spread of fire in a certain period of time, to ensure the evacuation of personnel.

Fire resistance of asbestos

Asbestos fire performance is very good, generally under BAI300 ℃ heating for 2 hours weight loss is less, if the temperature of DU1700 ℃ above heating for 2 hours, the weight loss of chrysotile asbestos fiber is more, other types of asbestos fiber weight loss is less.

Asbestos with high fire resistance, electrical insulation and heat insulation, is an important fireproof, insulation and heat preservation material.When the thermal conductivity of asbestos fiber is 0.104 ~ 0.260 kcal/m · degree ·, the electrical conductivity is also very low, and it is a good insulation material for heat and electricity.

Fire Rated Metal Access Panel .

Buildings are increasing in both size and complexity, fire protection is very important . Due to the high damage potential of fire, to life and health, as well as to valuable property, taking the right precautions is vital to ensuring your space is protected. Currently Fengze Fire-rated Metal Access Panel already have one and a half hour resistance .

Benefits of Metal Ceiling

Metal panels are stronger and less prone to cracks and breaks than traditional ceiling material.

It has certain sound insulation effect ,Fengze already got the certificate .

Can be fire-rated ,Fengze item now can achieve one and a half fire resistance .

Can be used in worse environments .Metal Access Panels are  built to withstand large impacts, strong winds, and earthquakes

Metal can be indefinitely recycled and reused .

The function of access panel

Access panel is a kind of access hole in the decoration process, such as central air conditioning pipe, wire pipe, toilet supply drain pipe and other places or need (technical personnel used for maintenance ceiling internal pipes or ceramic tile, gypsum board wall access hole or called manhole, access door, inspection hole).The finished overhaul port is widely used in government departments, airports, star hotels, hotels, office buildings, residential buildings, villas, shops and other office and home places, the product is easy to transport, easy to construct, not easy to damage, fire protection, environmental protection, convenient installation, beautiful, practical and other characteristics, deeply users like.

Normal size of access port
1, The size is not specified. If itis needed to enter smallpox, most openings are 500*500, and 300*300 is enough.Now mostly adopts the finished access port, which is beautiful, and then the relative rules of access port.
2, If it is just manhole maintenance, 1 meter ×1 meter is ok.If it is the access port of specific equipment and the equipment needs to come in and out from this access port, the access port shall be 200mm longer than each side of the external outline of the equipment.
3, For the suspended ceiling with central air conditioning, it is generally suitable to lower the ceiling with 25cm-30cm, and leave a 30cm×50cm access port. 

4, different air conditioning its ceiling height is not the same, the minimum of 200mm or so is ok, the maximum may reach 600mm.

Choose suitable type of access panel you need .

Drywall access panels are typically used for accessing commercial or residential plumbing, HVAC, electrical or cable elements through drywall. They are used to conceal the clutter while providing a safe way of accessing the components of the building or structure.

When shopping for drywall access panels there are many options available. They can be broken into four main categories according to the mateial : Metal ,Aluminium ,Plasterboard and Plastic .

We will offer you the best choice .

Plastic Access Panels

Plastic access panels are typically cheap, light,not fade ,and easy to assemble /disassemble .Manufactured out of ABS plastic with a textured or smooth surface.There is no exact measurements required compared with metal access panels,can be also installed in ceilings and walls.But it has a disadvantage that it can't be used for fire protection

Metal Access Panel

Metal drywall access panels are used on walls and ceilings made from 16-gauge / 18-gauge/20-gauge with square lock or push catch. Expensive doors are laser cut while cheaper ones are stamped or welded. The most prominent advantage of metal access doors is that can have a fire rating to act as a fire barrier for 1 or 1.5 hours.

Company Notice

Where do you export your goods?

Our products are mainly exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Denmark, Dubai and Qatar etc.

How does your company guarantee the quality?

First of all, each process staff self inspection, inspector sampling inspection,then 100% semi-finished products inspection. Finally before warehousing, we will do 100% full inspection according to customer requirements and international standards.

Can you make customized products?

Of Course, we can develop and produce according to the drawings or samples provided by customers.

What are the main application of your products?

- A hole is reserved and an access panel is installed at the lower side of the indoor air outlet main unit of central air conditioning and next to the air return outlet, so as to maintain the air outlet equipment.

- Access Panels should be reserved at the pipe interface of the tap water valve for repairing the leakage of the valve pipe.

- Access Panels need to be reserved at the joints of wires, strong and weak current switches, concealed electrical equipment, etc., in case of aging and replacement of lines.

- Access Panels shall be reserved at the concealed places of heating valves and heating pipes, so as to prepare for rust, embrittlement or blockage, cleaning, replacement and maintenance.

- Reserve Access Holes at the embedded bathtub, otherwise it is difficult to repair the water leakage under the bathtub.

- The pipeline pass and loft need to reserve openings for access.

- Other private wall, ceiling and underground special needs.

What products can you offer?

We mainly produce Metal Series , Aluminum Plasterboard Series,ABS Plastic Access Panels,Access Doors.

Are you a direct manufacturer or a trading company?

We are a professional manufacturer,  we also have our own professional international trade department team, we produce and sell ourselves.

After we send you the inquiry, how soon can we get a reply?

We will reply you immediately after receiving the inquiry, at the latest within 2 hours .

Do you accept small order /sample order ?

Yes,all the items we keep stock ,we accept small order or sample order with fast delivery.

The application field of manhole is expanding!
In the field of manhole application, under the trend of fine decoration in the real estate market, it has become a new favorite of real estate supporting, and has great market potential in the engineering market, high-end housing, old house renovation and other fields. On the other hand, with the rapid expansion of the hardbound housing market, the education market has also opened up, and the release of the new national standard will further drive the application of new styles in hotels, office buildings and other fields.