• Fengze Brand

    Fengze Brand

    Fengze is our registered brand ,we are going to print our brand on our access panels and access doors(if customers do not have specific requirement ) Looks very nice ! READ MORE

    24-03-2021 Company News
  • Another New Product

    Another New Product

    Our company is constantly exploring and developing. Another new item developed and succeeded. This is a new item can be opend by a coin . No keys needed.Very Convenient. READ MORE

    18-03-2021 Company News
  • No Worries at all !

    No Worries at all !

    Steel Access Panels and Access Doors are heavy ,and easy to broken . Plastic Access Panels are easy to crack,and easy to out of shape. We -Fengze Machinery not only produce perfect products ,also pack the items in perfect condition. Buy from us ,no worries at all . Products will arrive your warehous... READ MORE

    12-03-2021 Company News
  • Points for attention in the use of fire access doors!

    Points for attention in the use of fire access doors!

    Now the use of fire doors is more and more common, because the fire door is indispensable in many places, its use is also very wide.But if the fire door is broken, how should it be repaired?That's a question that a lot of people don't know. In case of failure, maintenance should be carried out by p... READ MORE

    11-03-2021 Company News
  • Enterprise labor cost budget in 2021 !

    Enterprise labor cost budget in 2021 !

    In the post-epidemic period, enterprises attach importance to the dynamic adjustment of labor cost budget. Nearly 90% of enterprises have a relevant dynamic adjustment mechanism to monitor and adjust the labor cost budget according to the frequency of semi-annual, quarterly or monthly. The biggest ... READ MORE

    11-03-2021 Company News
  • How do i install a drywall access door?

    How do i install a drywall access door?

    Measuring -- drawer around the outside edge of the rear of the panel with a pencil. Cutting-- to cut the drywall ,drill each corner to allow you to saw with a jab saw or blade. Fitting-- Offer the panel in and make sure it sits flush. Installing-- run a bead of adhesive around the underside of the f... READ MORE

    11-03-2021 Company News
  • Locks and Keys!

    Locks and Keys!

    We-Fengze Machinery is not only a manufacturer of access panels and access doors,but also spare parts of the access panels. Thus ,the quality of the access panels and access doors are fully under our own control ,we should 100% guarantee  the quality of our products to our customers. Buy... READ MORE

    10-03-2021 Company News
  • Aluminium  Frame Access Panel !

    Aluminium Frame Access Panel !

    Since the price of raw material increased too much recently ,more and more customers place orders in advance because there is news that raw material price will increase more . If you have any purchase plan ,please consider ,and if possible let us have earlier order for save cost . READ MORE

    09-03-2021 Company News
  • Regular packing details .

    Regular packing details .

    The packing will be arranged only after the products pass the inspection. Product packaging should meet the requirements of strong, economic and beautiful. Can adapt to long distance transportation, multiple unloading. READ MORE

    05-03-2021 Company News
  • Galvanized sheet prices rise !

    Galvanized sheet prices rise !

    Galvanized sheet roll index on January 27 was 120.1, up 0.06% compared with the previous trading day.Now the average price of 1.0mm galvanized sheet coil is 5763 yuan/ton, up 9 yuan/ton compared with the last trading day.Today the nationwide galvanized sheet coil prices continue to rise slightly.Men... READ MORE

    05-03-2021 Industry News