• Bending  process !

    Bending process !

    Bending - When a metal sheet undergoes elastic deformation under the pressure of the upper or lower mold of a bending machine, it then enters plastic deformation. At the beginning of plastic bending, the sheet is free to bend. As the upper or lower mold exerts pressure on the sheet, the sheet gradua... READ MORE

    29-03-2023 Company News
  • Welding Robot

    Welding Robot

    The welding industry has many equipment and technologies to assist in this process. There are welding robots, welding positioner, rotator, etc. Among them, welding robots are considered to be highly efficient machines, and they are widely used in the welding industry. A welding robot is an automated... READ MORE

    18-03-2023 Industry News
  • Access Door's Powder Coating !

    Access Door's Powder Coating !

    Spraying processing usually involves pre-treatment of hanging parts, powder spraying, dehydration, drying, solidification, cooling, and inspection of spraying parts. First of all, before hanging the workpiece, it is necessary to check whether the hanger is in good condition and whether the workpiece... READ MORE

    18-03-2023 Industry News
  • Measures to prevent rust.

    Measures to prevent rust.

    Alloying to change the internal structure of iron and make stainless steel greatly increases the rust resistance of steel products. Coating mineral oil, paint or firing enamel, plastic spraying, etc. on the surface of iron products. A layer of metal that is not easy to rust is plated on the surface ... READ MORE

    09-03-2023 Company News
  • Circuit access

    Circuit access

    Circuit access: This is an important part of the decoration. Sometimes the decoration will encounter that the socket reserved by the developer is too low or too high, so we want to re-lead from the original socket. Here, we should remind that the socket left by the developer must be installed with ... READ MORE

    09-03-2023 Industry News
  • Precautions during laser cutting.

    Precautions during laser cutting.

    There are some precautions during laser cutting in sheet metal processing to ensure product quality. 1. Cut, press rivet, tear, punch bump (bag), and other positions and directions, and draw a sectional view. 2. The center with error-prone (similar asymmetry) should be highlighted. 3. Check the m... READ MORE

    25-02-2023 Industry News
  • Burrs during laser cutting influences Quality.

    Burrs during laser cutting influences Quality.

    The formation of burr is a very important factor that determines the quality of laser cutting. Because we need to provide additional work for burr removal, the severity and quantity of burr can be intuitively analyzed and judged. READ MORE

    25-02-2023 Industry News
  • Precautions during bending of sheet metal processing .

    Precautions during bending of sheet metal processing .

    1.Springback of bending workpiece There are many factors that affect the springback of a bent part, including the mechanical properties of the material, wall thickness, bending radius, and normal pressure during bending. In addition, the greater the ratio between the fillet sheet metal and the plate... READ MORE

    25-02-2023 Industry News
  • Precautions during powder spraying!

    Precautions during powder spraying!

    Preparation before powder spraying. To remove oil,dust ,and dust on the surface of the workpiece . Keep ventilation and no dust during spraying ,so as not to affect the overall effect. Heat the powder coating on the surface of the workpiece to the specified temperature and hold it for the correspon... READ MORE

    25-02-2023 Company News
  • Spring is coming!

    Spring is coming!

    The arrival of spring has changed the earth into green clothes, and it has taken on a new look from the outside to the inside. The mountains in the distance are rolling and turning green. On the nearby hillside, grass crept out of the ground.The new scene also brings new hope. READ MORE

    21-02-2023 Industry News